Arinjoy Dhar

Arinjoy Dhar

Arinjoy is a daydreamer and curious about all the wonders the world brings to us every day. Arinjoy tries to capture the simple moments that make our lives magical. Taking pictures to Arinjoy is like freezing those moments for time immemorial.

The inner-circle knows him as "Munna Bhai" and his nickname is actually Munna! No other relevance to the actual story of the movie though Arinjoy wishes it may happen that way one day!

As a self-taught photographer, Arinjoy tried to capture some moments here from Hong Kong, India, Canada, China, and Bangladesh.

Arinjoy loves simplicity and believes in humanity. Arinjoy is a Banker by profession.

“The wound is the place where the Light enters you.” ― Rumi.


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