Arti Chopra

Arti Chopra

My love for art has been obvious since childhood from school days .In college I painstakingly worked on my botanical and zoological drawings and they honed my love for art. I started to paint seriously about 3 years ago as I found I had ample time on my hands. I am self taught and my first love is paintings on topics related to Nature, and acrylics is my favoured medium. My art tends towards realism,and I am specially drawn to painting flowers and trying to capture their beauty as also landscapes of natural beauty. Painting relaxes me and is music for my soul. My love for nature also expresses itself in poetry and I have written many poems to enhance special artworks of mine.


The Lotus

The Lotus

Medium: Acrylics on canvas
Size: 2.5 ft x 3 ft
Price: Rs 15,000/-

Upon the swampy mud a vision is seen
Perfection of soft pink petals
On beds of glowing green
A bee, a butterfly
Humming in delight
Beauty has blossomed
Ugliness as taken flight

Be like the lovely lotus
Bloom amidst the dirt and slime
Standout radiant
In purity of soul
Your beauty will only shine
Autumn Magic

Autumn Magic

Medium: Acrylics on paper
Size: 16.5 in by 21 in
Price: Rs 7,000/-

When nature turns everything to gold,
And takes in summer into her fold,
It’s time to savour the hues of fall,
Before the trees stand naked and tall,
A different beauty of golden sheen,
With gold and green and rust between,
Autumn magic leaves us spell bound
Just gold and orange all around.
The Waterfall

The Waterfall

Medium: Acrylics on paper
Size: 16.5 in x 21 in
Price: Rs 8,000/-

The Cascading stream
Rushingly it fell
With booming sound just like a bell
The dark green pines did softly sway
Their fragrance mingled
with the cooling spray
I drew in the scene with quiet delight,
As the cooling green
Competed with the silvery white,
And once again nature
Made me sigh
My spirits lifted, soaring high
Pink Rhapsody

Pink Rhapsody

Medium: Acrylics on Paper
Size: A3
Price: On request

Assorted Flowers in Blue Pottery Mug

Assorted Flowers in Blue Pottery Mug

Medium: Oil and gold leaf on canvas
Size: 16 in x 21 in
Price: Rs 11,500/-

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