Ambika Kapoor Vij

Just as each stroke in life is an essential piece of the puzzle, so is balancing the odds to find the equilibrium. Turning a passion into reality, I am a self taught artist. Taking inspiration from the renaissance masters, their details and stroke work have had a great influence on me. I am so mesmerised with the feel and play of oil paints on a canvas. The textures, the smooth variations of colour and silhouettes are so captivating.

I learn, reflect, connect with each piece. Dipping into the realms of my own subconsciousness it invokes a tickle of fervour and some deliberation as to infringe the conventional interpretations.

My motivation for painting is quite simply the actual mental and physical process of creating an expressive story from which you can read an excerpt of your own. From the initial inspiration and development of the idea, with the final oil painting onto canvas. Striving throughout the whole process to capture the core essence and mood of the original concept but also open to the idea of taking the image to somewhere I hadn’t imagined and the thoughts you haven’t visited for a while.

I have participated in group exhibitions and have sold some precious artwork.

I do commissions for corporate companies and work on unique projects for client’s homes.

I walk this beautiful path of creativity and hope to achieve fulfilment in my passion.


Smoke & Mirrors

With the world in a state of disarray, I find myself introspect. I close my eyes to shut myself from the chaos around me only to fall into the abyss of the pandemonium of inner conflicts.

Size: 600 x 750 mm
Medium: Oils on Canvas
Price: Rs. 33,750/-


Shying away from your soulful eyes, reading me like a book, I look down just so I remain a mystery for some more time.

Size: 450 x 550 mm
Medium: Oil on Canvas
Price: Rs. 18,560/-


Show me the light, Let's shine bright.

Size: 450 x 550 mm
Medium: Oil on Canvas
Price: Rs. 18,560/-

The Wise Old Man

Ready for his journey, the never ending quest for knowledge and peace.

Size: 600 x 800 mm
Medium: Oils on Canvas
Price: On Request