Art a word can be described in a countless way, but mine can be explored into world of colors and untangle brushes. I began to paint and draw since my pre-teens and I’m so grateful for my parents who supported me. I started drawing basics in my middle school days and tried painting on my house spaces. After my HSC, I started playing with canvas paintings, sketches, pencil portrait, cloth paintings.

I have discovered Wall Mural paintings, ink arts and many more form of arts. I think I’m blessed with the greatest gift by god which can help dragging out my emotions, releases stress and display my creativity.


A Wall Mural

Fearless lady with an ooh lala! swag and enjoying her company with a parrot on her head and big bang glasses to ignore all the messy problems. This mural was created on a horizontal wall with Asian paint acrylic wall colours.



A man with bold reddish eyes with a grace to fight over the world, numerous forms of expression with a brave smile and a happy soul behind the mask. Painted on canvas using sponge and knife with acrylic colors

Size: 12 x 16 inches
Price: Rs.3000/-


Endless love of Radhakrishna a divine soul, made for each other mixed with the emotions and pure love. Krishna with his flute and Radha for her Roop are an identity itself. The “Prem” word describes their love and soul which is eventually connected. This painting was done on canvas board with blend of multiple acrylic colors and brush strokes.

Size: 12 x 16 inches
Price: Not for Sale