A seasoned HR professional in the banking space for 20 years.. Psychology and business economics professional; orator and OD enthusiast having won quite a few industry recognition. Art and painting keeps her grounded and allows her to explore her passion. It is the de-stressor from hectic corporate life. She also has a site paint for a cause with intent the proceeds from the artwork to go for a charitable cause . She is also into active runner have completed 7 10 k runs + one half marathon.

Sandhya Jathar is artist with natural creativity streaks that comes from her understanding of human psychology being a trained organizational / behavioral psychologist and corporate ICF certified coach. She leverages her travels and corporate Human Resource’s exposure to bring out her own expressions of nature as well as abstract showcasing of thoughts. The paintings style is brush strokes in a waltzing with the palette knifes giving it a play of dimensions and deep intensity of expressio.


Kalrav (Birds Chirping)

The chirping of the birds in Hindi is Kalrav..It is the artists attempt at celebrating various hues and variety of specifies of birds peacefully co existing ensconced on same bark of the tree and being able to accept each other and celebrate the differences. It is a natures lens on diversity and inclusion, which we humans find so difficult to accept or follows.

Size: 38 x 36 inches
Medium: Oils on Stretched Canvas
Price: On Request

Maskage 2020

The painting is “mask-age” each circle is symbolic of the shape of mask and also represents globe the various phases emotions and events the people traversed across 2020 (right to left navigating) commencing with the first circle left side bottom Christmas / Chinese news Year where the contagion commenced.. the faces is human to human transmission as well as connections lost due to social distancing and isolation.. the yellow circle left top is health care depicted by cross and frontline workers across the globe .. the buildings are people confined to work with lighted windows. Depicting the ritual of Diya and candles people lighted in hope .the next circle is wifi symbol everything dependent on wifi world even now revolves around work to education to shopping the next is the ship it is drifting feeling of non-ending emotions pandemic fatigue mental Fog .. Buddha is mindfulness.. the red yellow globe is laptops /web series that took over the lives ... next globe is the birds and nature recuperating and healing the other circle the last one is ray of hope with rays being vaccines

Size: 60 x 38 inches
Medium: Oils on Canvas
Price: On Request

Spring Waltzing

An ode to the beautiful fields swaying in spring with the hue blooms and is visualized as a graceful waltz in honor of the beautiful sunshine and the breeze.

Size: 24.5 x 24.5 inches
Medium: Oil on Stretched Canvas
Price: On Request